The Liri Application

LIRI is a node command-line application that takes in commands, and then accesses APIs to return the requested information.

LIRI can access the Twitter, Spotify, and OMDB(Open Movie Database) APIs.

How to Use

In order to use LIRI, it must be accessed via the node and the command line:

node liri.js <command> [option1, option2...]

Available Commands

Returns the user's last 20 Tweets
spotify-this-song "<song title>" "<artist name>"
Searches Spotify for the indicated song and artist and returns the top result of the query.
movie-this "<movie name>"
Searches the Open Movie Database for the indicated movie and returns relevant information.


Screenshot of 'my-tweets' command
Using the 'my-tweets' command displays the user's last 20 tweets.

Screenshot of 'spotify-this-song' command
The song that most closely matches the query is displayed.

Screenshot of 'movie-this' command
A summary of the movie is shown.